Here’s another example of a project that was begun in month 11 and completed in month 12. The objective was to take the students’ yearlong action research web-project and convert it into a publishable article. 


3.4 Wk3 Leadership Article

(Begin Wk1/DUE end of Wk3)

:: Rationale

You will begin a two-month Leadership Article which is designed to take your capstone work and convert it into an article to be published after you graduate from EMDT. The underlying objective is to create a pathway for you to develop a future leadership role in an Instructional Design/Educational/Technology organization. This project is based on your Capstone project but is not directly related to your month 12 Final Presentation or any other EMDT reflection.

:: Estimated time to complete

  • Weekly blog posts: 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Leadership Article: two to eight hours

:: Description

Laptop brainstorm – microsoft clipart.

You will create an article based on your capstone project and interact with two to four others, helping one another review each others’ article. You will research where you want to publish your article. Besides sharing your article during the month with two to four others, you will also share it during the week three class session. At the end of this month you should have a complete first draft of your article.

:: Deliverables

The Leadership Article in month 11 consists of the following components three major components:

  1. Weekly Leadership Blog Posts: Each week your fourth blog post will be Leadership Article related:
    • Wk1 Critical Friends: As the title suggests, you will select two to four others (classmates, coworkers, constructive friends), whom you will share your project with for the purpose of getting helpful, meaningful feedback. During this first week you will directly communicate and confirm the assistance of these critical friends, and list their names and your relation to them (classmate, coworker, relative) in the week 1 leadership blog post. Please note: when enlisting the help of others it’s always best to communicate directly (phone call, text message, IM) and NOT send out a mass email. You will be expect to interact at least three times between now and the end of week three to share your work (in progress) and offer some form of assistance to one another. You can meet in real time (via some form of chat) or through email. To verify that you met with your critical friends you will post screen-capture images if you met in IM or copies of the emailed text if you met via email. You can post the verification images/emails at the end of the week 1, week 2 or week 3 leadership blog post. One of the three required “interactions” can be attending and participating in the Week 3 Class Sharing Session. This info is repeated in Wk1 Blog Info in FSO.
    • Wk2 Where Do I Want Share My Article: This week you will spell out where you want to publish, listing at least two possibilities and why. Dr. Bedard created a list that you can use, but you are not limited to this list. The journal needs to be regional, national or international in scope or subject/industry related.
      • Journals (link no longer functional)

      You will also post any verification images/emails if you met with your critical friends before the end of this week (week 2). This info is repeated in Wk2 Blog Info in FSO.

    • Wk3 Leadership Article Hub: This will be the hub of your Leadership Article. This post will require the following elements: (1) Paragraph introducing your project and where you want to share it, (2) A list with the links to the two previous weekly Leadership blog posts, (3) Clickable link to your Leadership Article (see next section). (4) Any verification images/emails if you met with your critical friends before the end of this week. More detailed info on this post in Resources section (below)
    • Wk4 Leadership Role Model Reflection: Having created your complete first draft of your Leadership Article, here’s an opportunity to reflect on leadership role models whom you respect and whose example you would want to follow. In this blog post you will look at individuals or organizations that you admire and spell out what it is that attracts you and how you might incorporate this into your own leadership style. Look for more specific info on this blog post in Wk4 Blog Info in FSO.
  2. Leadership Article:
    • Format: Edit with Word, share via Google docs, Can use APA-formatting and can use the subheadings based on your Capstone project.
    • Length: Length dependent on publication, minimum of 2000 words.
    • Filename: Lastname Firstname LeadershipArticle.docx.
    • Due: Rough draft posted 24-hours before Wk3 Class Sharing Session, First complete draft due end of Wk3
  3. Wk3 Class Sharing Session: You will share your article during the week 3 class sessions (more info is posted in the Wk3 Class activity)
  •  Grade – “No Fail”
    Leadership Article Break Down:

Leadership Article = 25% overall course grade. Each component represents the following percentage of the 26% overall grade:

  • Wk1 & Wk2 leadership blog entries = 10% each post
  • Wk3 Leadership Hub blog post = 10%
  • Leadership Article = 70%
  • NOTE: Wk3 class session Leadership Article sharing = graded separately
  • NOTE: Capstone Project must be approved before your Leadership Article can be approved. One cannot pass the Leadership Article without first passing the Capstone Project.

:: Resources

1. Leadership Article: Building the Article Based on Your Capstone Work:

Building Blocks by Eran Sandler

As much as this might seem like a new writing assignment, it can be more a case of copying and pasting and re-editing what you’ve all ready written for your Capstone Project. If you look at the Capstone Web Pages that you’ve created, each page should neatly fit into the structure required for most journal articles:

  • Intro
  • Lit Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusion

The more academic the publication you intend to publish with, the more they will want a record of your whole process with nearly equal length sections for all five parts. In academic circle articles are judged based on the reliability of the data based on understanding the whole research process. On the other end of the continuum, the more “user/teacher” friendly the publication, the more you may choose to take your whole project and compress it down to becoming the intro/context of your article and then spend the bulk of your content exploring “10 things you learned about using web 2.0 tools in the classroom,” for example. Or the bulk could be exploring what you would do if you were going to do a cycle/phase 3. The more user friendly publications are more focused on the results/takeaways.

2. Minimum Requirements/Expectations:

As much as we can and have set minimum requirements for this assignment, the focus for this article needs to be set far beyond “what do I need to do to get a good grade.” This article is meant to take your work to an entirely new level. Whatever your experience has been as a classroom instructor or district presenter, whatever has been your area of expertise, now is the time to step up to the next level or beyond.

3. Wk3 Class Sharing Session
Go to Wk3 Class activity for detailed information

4. Wk3 Leadership Article Hub Blog Post:

You will create a blog entry in your class blog and in the post you will have a brief Intro paragraph separate from the paper stating where you would like to submit your work AND why. You might simply state your top two choices of where you’d like to submit your work (possibly with thumbnail images of the publication cover page). You might want to make the name of the publication clickable, so that clicking on the name takes us to the publication. Also state why you’ve selected this venue. Under the Intro paragraph you will have clickable links to your Wk1 and Wk2 Leadership posts. Finally, you will have a link to your Leadership document. It is recommended that you use GoogleDocs to post and share your Leadership Project file (more info on this is posted in the Wk3 Virtual Class Session info).

5. Month 12 Component: Part two for month 12, you will submit your application for your article to be publish. In month 12 you will need to submit your application early enough so that you receive an acknowledgment from the journal. This is NOT an acceptance letter, but usually an auto-response that they got your application. We recognize the that month 11 – month 12 timeframe is not enough time to get your work published or go through the full acceptance process. Your month 12 grade will be based on having a complete draft of your article ready to go and proof that you submitted an application to your intended journal.

6. Dr. Bedard’s Journals List: The link to this list is posted here as a beginning place to look for journals that you might want to consider submitting to.

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