Discussion board assignments were conducted entirely on the FSO platform and not student blogs, but students often recorded their responses and exchanges on their blog for future reference. Discussion boards served to continue the conversation that began with the reading and projects and worked its way through class sessions, blog posts and discussion boards. Student were expect to make an initial post and then make two follow-up comment posts on their classmates’ discussion board post. “Online Learning…” I’m sure you get it. 


1.5 Wk1 Discussion Board: Classroom DIY

:: Description/Rationale


You will post one response to this week’s discussion board prompt AND post two responses to classmates´ discussion board responses. Besides Virtual Class Sessions and blog comments, discussion board posts are a third way for you to interact and share your thoughts with your classmates. “Online learning is not Solo learning.”

:: Deliverables

  1. One response to discussion board prompt:
    • Format: APA not required.
    • Length: 120 words minimum.
    • Due Date: First response must be posted by Friday 11:59pm ET – Week 1.
  2. Two responses to classmate’s posts to discussion board
    • Format: APA not required. Please begin comment with classmate’s full name.
    • Length: 50 words minimum for each response.
    • Due Date: All responses must be posted by Sunday 11:59pm ET – Week 1.
  • Grade – “No Fail”: All requirements met equals full credit. Any missing requirements equals a grade of zero.

:: Discussion Board Prompt:

Tech in your workplace: How has your workplace kept up with tech or not kept up with tech? What kinds of tech things have you bought to use in your workplace. Please give examples.

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