Depending on student needs, we met as a class online at least once a week to discuss the previous week’s assignments, for student presentations and collaboration. Student were given course credit for attending the sessions live and students who couldn’t attend live were given course credit after they reviewed the archive of the session and posted comments about the session in their blog. We used Wimba and later GoToTraining to host our sessions. I shared slides with my students to provide visual cues and usually had my camera on to help make the human connection. “Online Learning is not Solo Learning. The following is the material that I posted before our sessions to given my students an idea about what were going to talk about and as often as possible preview the material so that the session would be more discussion than lecture. Click here for an example of a class session archive.


1.4 Wk1 Class Session: Course Intro

:: Description/Rationale

typingkidOnline Learning is not the same as Solo Learning,” and meeting together for our  Virtual Class sessions is one way to make our emdt experience that much better. Please make every effort to meet with us ready to share and ask questions. If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP at

:: Deliverables

Meeting time: Tuesday of the first week beginning at 8:00 pm ET

  • Before the Class Session: Please view all videos and materials listed below BEFORE our session together and be ready to ask questions and share.
  • During Our Session:
    1. Please make sure you have your headset plugged in and on. I will be turning on the video cam, so have a light on and a smile on your face.
    2. Go to our GoToTraining session.
    3. Be ready to discussion the session’s topics
  • If you can’t make it to Class Session: Please make every effort to be here, or let me know if you cannot attend. If you cannot attend the expectation is that you will review the archive of the session and then create a blog entry with the title: “Week 1 Class Session” and write a paragraph per blogging requirements listed in FSO expressing your thoughts or comments on the archived session. This blog entry is only required for those who did not attend and participate in the wimba session. This will be your fifth blog post for the week.
  • Grade – “No Fail”

Wk1 Class Session Grade:
Wk1 Class Session = 2% overall course grade. Attend and participate in the session to get full credit. If you cannot attend the session then you can listen to the archive and write a blog post about the archive, noting observations and/or questions. Please note that this will be your fifth blog post for this week. Follow the instructions list in the Blog Info page in FSO for blog entry requirements.

:: Resources

Pre-Session: Please make sure to thoroughly view all of the videos below before our Class session. If you review the videos than it significantly shortens our need to go over every detail and our Virtual Class session will be a much shorter Q&A session. The goal is to make sure that we’re all on the same page for course requirements.

Course Overview:

NOTE: References to the due dates of the Capstone and Leadership article in the above video have been changed since the video was posted. Please go by the information posted in FSO in the specific project pages.

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