Sometimes our weekly reading assignment consistent of several videos. In this example they were to view the videos and review the material on Copyright, post their work to their blog and then the following week we would discuss the assignment during our class session. Click here for an example of a reading assignment, this time with reading involved.

1.3 Wk1 Reading

:: Rationale

Your week 1 blog activities are meant to give you an opportunity to share, reflect and communicate your learning.

:: Estimated time to complete

  • Copyright Issues videos – 3 to 6 hours
  • Blog posts – 30 minutes to an hour per blog post

:: Description

typingkid* You will post 4 to 5 blog posts:

  • Reading/Video Entry: One entry must be about the week’s reading (actually this week is a series of videos). Please post this entry by Wk1 Friday (to accommodate commenting, see next item). Click here for required detailed info on:
    1. copyright issues part 1
    2. copyright issues part 2
    3. copyright issues part 3
  • Comments Entries: You will comment on the blog posts of two classmates, then copy and paste your comment from classmates’ blogs AND the original entry back to an entry in your blog. Failure to include original post will result in a zero grade.
  • Leadership post: Critical Friends: As the title suggests, you will select two to four others (classmates, coworkers, constructive friends), whom you will share your project with for the purpose of getting helpful, meaningful feedback. During this first week you will directly communicate and confirm the assistance of these critical friends, and list their names and your relation to them (classmate, coworker, relative) in the week 1 leadership blog post. Please note: when enlisting the help of others it’s always best to communicate directly (phone call, text message, IM) and NOT send out a mass email. You will be expect to interact at least three times between now and the end of week three to share your work (in progress) and offer some form of assistance to one another. You can meet in real time (via some form of chat) or through email. To verify that you met with your critical friends you will post screen-capture images if you met in IM or copies of the emailed text if you met via email. You can post the verification images/emails at the end of the week 1, week 2 or week 3 leadership blog post. One of the three required “interactions” can be attending and participating in the Week 3 Class Sharing Session. Look in the Resources section below for more info on the Leadership article.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have to do a Class Session blog post you will have five blog posts for this week.

:: Deliverables

  • Four or five blog posts
  • Format: Blog entries may be text, embedded audio, or embedded video (text and audio entries should include at least one visual element). APA not required. Do NOT use the Pages function but use the Post function to post individual entries (4 or 5) for each week. Points will be deducted if you post a page with all entries on one page.
  • Length: Blog entries should be long enough to show engagement with the material. Text version: 160 words minimum; video/audio version: two-minute minimum, five-minute maximum.
  • Due Date: “Reading” post must be posted by Friday 11:59pm ET, remaining posts due Sunday 11:59pm ET – Week 1.
  • Grade – “No Fail”Weekly Grade Break Down:Week 1 Blog Post = 5% overall course grade. Each component represents the following percentage of the 5% overall grade:
  • 4 blog entries = 25% each post

:: Resources

Wk1 Leadership Blog Posts:

Go to the Leadership Article and scroll to the bottom of the page for Dr. Bedard’s Journals list and more info on the Leadership Project in general.

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