Online Instruction – Course Work

2000-ical-tech-class-examplejoebustillos | Joe Bustillos Resume

Beyond experimenting with posting student work at Furgeson and Twain Elementary I used a couple CMS/LMS products such as Schoolloop and Digication to post student assignments so that students had access to their assignments on any device with an Internet connection. I even used the notes feature in Apple iCal when the pilot Schoolloop account was discontinued. I began doing this in 2005 when I was teaching at DeMille Middle School.

Moving to teaching fully online with Full Sail University in 2008 I took my years as an online student, my experience using HTML and pushed Full Sail’s content management service so that students had a consistent, easy to navigate experience that promoted connection, communication and learning.

The following is an example of the first week of one of my courses (plus a week 3 project):